Ways to Focus on Delegated Work

Ways to Focus on Delegated Work

“If you want to do a few small things right, do them yourself. If you want to do great things and make a big impact, learn to delegate.”
– John C. Maxwell, American author
Focus is a virtue essential for achieving success in your actions. Focus helps you to complete your tasks with better precision on time. It helps you to walk a difficult path to its culmination. Understandably, all these are important virtues which are necessary in our life, especially in the domain of our work.

Ability to Focus

Focus do not come easily to those who have not mastered it. Focus often gets hampered because human mind is a chatter box. It doesn’t focus on to a single point for too long. Alternating thoughts move our attention from one point to the other in fraction of seconds. Therefore, achieving the kind of focus which help succeed in our actions need committed practice.

Effects of Lack of Focus

Lack of focus, shifts your mind over to things beyond your objective. Your attention moves away from the domain of your action. This happens without your realization. Thus you lose control over the task you are doing. Lack of focus not only effects the quality of the task undertaken but also delays its completion. Inability to focus is an obstructive behavior in many ways. It’s a bigger problem for control freaks who attempt to control every bit of action within their domain. This challenge gets even more severe when they have to delegate actions to others.
In such cases, their focus moves on to others action more than their individual responsibilities. This leads to compromising quality of their actions.

Micromanaging Delegating work

Matters go out of control when people decide to micromanage tasks and refuse to delegate them independently to others. They force others to change their actions according to their whims. They honestly believe that through direct control they can prevent bad things from happening. This is far from reality. Nobody has full control over others actions. This makes it difficult for a person to monitor delegated acts efficiently thus adversely effecting control of the entire project.

Ways to Control Delegated works

Honestly, there is no absolute way to effectively control other people’s actions. However, there are ways to influence them. But, before you do that, you should find their true feelings and understand their nature. This knowledge greatly helps while sharing your opinion over any action that needs your influence. This information will also help you to put your case in a better perspective with them. You can manipulate your presentation and needs in a better way without affecting anyone’s ego. Make sure that you do not repeat your instructions again and again. This may turn counterproductive as it will only alienate and not persuade a person to your way of thinking. When you know you don’t have control over something then, instead of focusing more on it you should try to change yourself. Change your perspective. Adapt yourself to the needs of the situation. There is no standard way of dealing such state of affairs. Your best approach is to change your way of dealing with it based on the situation and the kind of people you are dealing with.

Control over Actions

Studies have shown that people are happier when they accept that while they can control some things, there are other things which are totally outside their control. So, if you want to remain happy then be such a person. On the other hand, there are people who believe they should control everything. These are the control freaks we discussed earlier. These are people who are always anxious, stressed and reluctant to consider change and embrace new opportunities. Along with control freaks, there are others who know that they can’t prevent bad things from happening, but they still worry about them anyway. Such people fret about anything from natural disasters to deadly diseases. These kind of worries keep them unnecessarily stressed, and occupied. They waste considerable amount of their time and energy and lose their sleep over something on which they cannot act in any way.

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