Why do I want to Write on Spirituality?

Why do I want to Write on Spirituality?

I have decided to start a separate section called “Seeking Self” in this blog. This is not to bombard this blog with a lot of spiritual stuff. Instead, I intend to put posts on various aspects of becoming a better human being. Of course, this will have posts related to spirituality also. I believe that to achieve success in any field – first you need to be a good disciplined human being.

It is being eons since I am reading all kinds of spiritual material. I remember I used to read them even as a child – but I don’t recall any bit of what I used to read. I am 53 now, so, it means that I have been reading spiritual stuff since last four decades.

The knowledge and experience I have gained through this process are enormous. They have helped me in many ways. Some occasions I remember and there are many which happened without my realization. But I am sure, this wisdom saved me on many instances and made me a better human being.

I wish to write on this subject and related themes on this blog. I wish to bring out my limited knowledge (I don’t think it to be much) and share them with you. I hope it will help you. This is my sole intention of this exercise.

Everybody has a right to set their priorities in life and nobody can force anyone to tread a particular path

There may not be a direct connection between the topics of digital marketing and spirituality as such, but I feel some ideas or tit-bits in the spiritual zone may help followers of my marketing posts. I hope to extract something the other way around also.

This narration will in many ways help me move ahead in my pursuit of inner knowledge that each one of us is seeking one way or the other.


Everyone who gets into a spiritual reckoning space acquires a positive energy out of it. This propels us to try and follow a spiritual path in our lives. This commitment eventually gets half-hearted and we move out from the process due to a number of reasons.

Each one of us will have different grounds for discarding this path but the common ones are that you are busy, or you are not in the mood, or that you don’t care to waste time on such things.

I fully agree that you have your right to set your priorities in life and nobody can force you to tread any particular path. These things are deeply personal and no external force can make you do them forcibly. The desire should come from within you or else it will not work.

We can see that of late a lot of successful and busy people are choosing spirituality in their life. They are moving into this realm of ‘seeking self’ as it seems to give them what they are looking for – joy and peace of mind. These are perhaps the most valuable things that anyone can get these days.

I believe, God (if you don’t believe in God – then consider fate or randomness or whatever you may call it) is directing our life in a way that at some point in time we get this powerful jolt which makes us sit back and think on our existence – and ask questions like – who I am or why I am here or what am I doing or what is the true meaning of life? etc.

This point of reckoning may come sooner or later in each one of our life. Some may not even recognize this stage of their life. In fact, there is no guarantee that everyone may be able to recognize it. Some people don’t even believe in such things.

I believe that at some point in time all of us should try and gain some knowledge about our inner self. I am not asking you to find God – set priority to find your own self. The intention of this exercise should be to find oneself.

The earlier you seek this knowledge – the better for you. The best thing to happen to you is to know what kind of person you are. This is fundamental. How can you carry out your functions without knowing your capabilities and limitations? So, you need to know your physical, mental, emotional state to judge yourself. This knowledge will help you become a better person.

Acquiring this knowledge will give a direction to your life and perhaps stop you from doing many things which you may have not known to be bad for you. It will also make you understand your capabilities and limitations and optimize your life further for a better tomorrow.

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