Why you should wake up early morning?

Why you should wake up early morning?

You have heard this umpteen times from your childhood that waking up early in the morning gives you a lot of benefits. If you wake up daily, preferably before sunrise, you are bound to gain value from the habit. If you have followed the lives of many great men who have lived in the past or now had this habit in life.

Your mind must have got worked up positively as you read the title of this blog post. I don’t think anyone has a doubt on the plus points of waking up early. The difficulty lies in our ability to manage time in our life. The biggest fallacy we have is the feeling that when we extend our regular work to nighttime, we are working more and gaining extra time in our life. Instead, we are losing time and health when you get into the habit of working late nights.

Have you tried to create a habit to wake up early morning? If you have – then you must have had some positive experiences from them. And, if you have continued with the habit – you don’t have to read this post as you already know what I am going to mention here.

If you have never tried to make an early waking habit, then please spare a few minutes to read this post. You should know there are many benefits for waking up early which you can replace with anything else. You are losing quality time with yourself and a lot of other benefits by being a late snoozer.

What makes people rise up early in the morning even before sunrise? This is the time when a normal guy would like to continue to sleep wishing if he had more time to be on the bed. Rising early in the morning is tough until you make a habit out of it.

There are many advantages to waking early morning. Having quality time with your own self is perhaps the most attractive one among them. Rising early will give you some extra time to spend apart from your daily working hours. You are taking this from the time before you start your routine work. You can use this time judiciously. This is a time without any pressures of daily nitty-gritty life which you can enjoy without being apologetic.


If you have experienced it you will know that this is a time which makes you joyful even if you are doing “nothing”. You are just trying to unwind yourself. That’s it. You should do this frequently and enjoy it by doing nothing. Your mind will become fresh without the burden of thoughts running relentlessly. This periods of silence are beneficial to your brain also. The relief and the sereneness you feel in these moments cannot be explained. You have to experience it yourself to know it’s worth.

The source of this joyful feeling – comes from the knowledge that you can relax. Normally, because of our hectic schedules, our mind does not allow us to relax even for a moment. Something or other come and play in our mind and even when we are not doing anything we won’t be relaxed.

When you find time for relaxing apart from your daily routine life – your mind feels okay to relax. Honestly, this feeling is something all of us miss a lot these days. We are occupied with so many things and no time to spare for ourselves. This is a fact and we have no other choice because we are all loaded with tons of work.

On top of that, whenever we get some time to spare – we get busy on either the internet, social media, TV, news and such other things which do not help us in any way to relax.

Have you ever thought about the consequences of this? We don’t have time to think even that also. So, when you discover a serene feeling by rising early morning, the energy and inspiration that you get keep you going all day long with a positive outlook.

Rising early helps you to be more creative

It is found that the best ideas get generated early in the morning. There is some logic to this. First of all, there are fewer distractions that can bother you in the morning.

Your mind is fresh and energized from a full night’s sleep. A fresh mind will generate the best thoughts, ideas or solutions.

Your mind won’t work with the same efficiency in the evening at 7.00 PM. This is because of multiple conversations, experiences and distractions you had all over the day. Your mind is already filled up – leaving little space to be creative.

It makes sense that you use your mind when it is at its best to do creative work. Early mornings are best for such activities. Rising early gives you extra quality time and if you use it well, you will be feeling good throughout the day – thus making your whole day great for you.

Gain some extra time from your life

We all know that time is a precious asset. It is limited. All of us have the same amount of time. Each day starts with 86,400 seconds and we can’t carry forward even a single second to the next day. The quality of our life depends on how we use the time we get in our life. So, you can guess the importance of time in our life.

Most of us feel we don’t have enough time to do many things we wish to do. This is also the primary reason we give when we are told to do something important. This is a natural feeling coming out of restricted time we possess. Remember, that the guy who is successful and the guy who is down in life got the same amount of time in their lives. Before developing their abilities, as kids, they were on the same level.

Intelligent use of time is one of the major factors which leads a person to success. Of course, there are other factors which come into play – like opportunities, backgrounds, intelligence etc. but still the person who wins is the one who uses his time more efficiently.

If you need extra time in your life – you can have it! Start getting up one hour earlier from your sleep on five days a week for the whole year. This will give you an extra 260 hours – which is almost 10 days. Imagine what you could achieve with that amount of time.

If you now realize how important time is – you will heed my advice and get some extra quality time by making it a habit to rise early in the morning.

Health benefits of rising early in the morning

Have you noticed the eating habits of a late riser? They often skip their breakfast which is the most important meal of the day. After your sleep you need breakfast – in fact, you are breaking your fast of 6 to 8 hours (when you were sleeping) by eating your breakfast. This is the reason it is called breakfast.

If you skip breakfast you would be further starving yourself and eventually when you eat later in the day, there is every chance that you overeat because of severe hunger. This will create an unhealthier habit of overeating.

Eating breakfast helps build healthy eating habits and makes you less likely to eat junk the rest of the day.

Moreover, an early riser would schedule his meals properly as he would be eating his breakfast on time. He is more likely to have his lunch and dinner on time. Rising early also keeps you in good spirits giving an overall healthy feeling which gets transmitted to your diets also.

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