Value of a Feedback

Value of a Feedback

“The key to learning is feedback. It is nearly impossible to learn anything without it.”
Steven Levitt

Feedback simply means information received or given about a product or performance. Generally, this information is an opinion and not a reprimand which can form the basis for change or improvement.

Now, how many of us consider feedback like this and look forward to it? I suppose, there are not many who take it in such a simple sense. Normally, we detest receiving criticism, unless it is positive and coming from seniors or from people who matter to us. We dislike negative feedback about our creations or performance. This attitude often stunts our growth as a person because shunning away from criticism is closing to ideas that help us to improve our capabilities.

Negative Feedbacks

It has been observed that negative feedbacks are more valuable than positive ones. Let me explain. When somebody gives you negative feedback concerning your work, it means the person has taken pains to evaluate your performance. Therefore, ideas conveyed in those comments should be taken seriously and logical and practical action taken over it. On the other hand, if the person has given his opinion out of spite, you will instantly realize it. In that case, you can ignore the same without giving any further thought.

Whenever you receive negative suggestions, take note of them. Check its veracity and make necessary improvements. If you are unable to act over it; convey it to the person who gave you the feedback. Possibly, he or she may have a solution. This person is looking at the anomaly differently. Solutions often appear when you look at the problem from a different perspective. This is one solid reason to give more heed to negative feedback than positive ones.

Positive Feedbacks

Positive feedbacks are often found to be less sincere than negative ones. On many occasions, they are just flattery with hidden purposes. We fall for it as we are blindly attracted to praise. We should carefully examine positive feedbacks, especially when we receive it frequently from one source. We should check if there are any ulterior motives hidden behind it. One hint to look at its origin. If you know the person behind, you would also know his intention. You have to verify the authenticity of positive feedback by finding the intention behind it.

Importance of feedbacks

Receiving feedback – either positive or negative – is a good sign because it proves you and your work is getting noted. This should give you confidence as you know how the world functions nowadays – people don’t have time or attention over anything other than themselves. In such a scenario, if you receive comments, suggestions or feedback for what you do or stand for then you should pay attention. These opinions are of great value. Someone has put their mind to your case and put up an opinion after examining it from a different viewpoint. Such feedbacks will give you a different perspective on what you have created. You will never have such a view on your own – so don’t belittle or discard them.

We need people to give us honest feedback on our creations. It helps us to improve our work. So, encourage others to give you constant feedback on what you do. Send them “Thank You’s” whenever you receive feedback. When they notice your response they will get back to you again with more honest feedback.

Feedback is important and insightful for all leaders. It gives them an opportunity to look at themselves in a different light. It helps them see how others perceive them and consequently change their approach for better performance of the team. Therefore, people who see themselves as leaders should always be receptive to constructive feedback.

Feedback at times acts as a kind of recognition given to a person or work. It has the capacity to instill value to the person or work. We are humans and we want appreciation for what we are or what we do. Feedbacks play this role perfectly on many occasions. Feedback shows what we do is meaningful. This belief is a great motivator as it spurs us to do our best in whatever we are doing in life.

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