Value of criticism

Value of criticism

We often take criticism with a pinch of salt when it is directed at us. In spite of such disliking firsthand experience about it, we often criticize others without thinking the other person will have the same effect.

Hence criticism is there to stay. You can call it a kind of compulsive opinion pronounced to make the sting milder.

Everyone has their own personal tastes and have the liberty to express it. It is difficult to get a general consensus on any issues especially since we live in an opinionated world. It’s difficult to find something personally interesting and generally relevant to one and all. There is bound to be differences in experiences and its outcomes from person to person.

Besides that, people are more vocal about their opinions and choices now than ever before. They are more intelligent, knowledgeable and free to express their views. They are aware of their rights and are not worried about expressing them. I am lining these arguments to identify the reasons that form the basis for criticism.

Criticism cannot be always sided with a negative connotation. Criticism has value if it is taken in the right spirit. Often the person who is criticized takes it with defiance – outrightly denying the arguments without analyzing them. This is root cause which makes criticism a problem in the minds of people who are on the receiving end of it.

This is not to say that all criticisms are real and unbiased. People may have discriminatory views while criticizing. This can be ascertained only after hearing it out – after honest analysis – so it is better not to voice objections at the beginning itself. Sometimes even biased criticism can be helpful as it informs the tastes and the real knowledge of a critique.

Criticism done in good faith is good

Whenever you get an external assessment which is honest and logical – I think there is nothing better than that criticism. If you take it as an advice rather than a rebuke – then the problem gets resolved. Suppose you sell some product and one of your customers criticizes regarding some issue about it – then you need to take it positively as such feedbacks will help you to create a better product. This is the way criticism should be treated.

Criticism has value if it is taken in the right spirit.

Criticism establishes a relation

Whether you like it or not criticism forms a relationship between you and the critique. Criticism is nothing but feedback on what you are doing for others.

It gives you an opportunity to satisfy and convert the person into a follower by either rectifying the issue or by providing an honest and accurate explanation of the issue. Often, things get smoothened out when you deal with criticism amicably and the relation gets stronger by showing patience. In most cases whenever you show respect to a critique he gets milder in his demeanor and more reasonable to you afterward.

Criticism gives you an opportunity to inspect yourself

Whenever you receive healthy criticism from others you get an opportunity to redeem yourself for the better. You need to take an objective approach towards criticism to achieve this. Suppose we take the example of a product again – which has negative feedback – then the positive part is that you create a better product for your customers. This can only improve your business and create an opportunity which will lead you to receive positive feedbacks in the future.

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