Types of Content

Types of Content

Content used by a brand to communicate to an audience plays a big role in effectively transferring the message it wants to convey. Out of the many factors that influence success of a content strategy – the type of content used for messaging is an important one. Marketers use different types of content to boost their connectivity with their audience in marketing. Let us look at some types of content used in content marketing today –

1. Blog Post

Blog post is the most common type of content used for marketing by marketers. Blogs are content sets that live on a website. Marketers publish blog posts regularly to attract new visitors to their websites.
Blogs are considered valuable only if they provide helpful content to an audience. Such content make readers inclined to share them on social media and other channels and helps a brand to spread its reach to a wider audience.

2. eBooks

eBooks are content which immensely help brands in generating leads to potential customers. They are longer forms of content which contain in-depth information on topics which it covers. Therefore, they are published far less frequently than blog posts. eBooks not only help brands in attracting new visitors but it also gets contact information of readers interested in its content. Therefore, eBooks play a significant role in inbound marketing process of a brand.

eBooks are longer forms of content which contain in-depth information on topics which it covers.

3. Infographics

Infographics are different form of content used in marketing. They help readers to visualize the information it covers better than text. The information provided in them are communicated in a simple and compelling way. Mostly, the information transferred through infographics are concise and self-explanatory and therefore clear and easy to understand for readers.

4. Videos

Undoubtedly, videos are considered the most attractive form of content used in content marketing today. They can easily hook customers to a brand as they are highly engaging and a large number of internet users are addicted to it. The best part is that they are shareable across social media platforms and websites alike.
Something which goes against it – for using it as a marketing tool is that – videos require bigger investment of time and resources to create. Besides that – videos need to be creative enough to woo attention from consumers. This is required on account of the high influx of video content prevailing in the marketing medium today. Nevertheless, videos are very popular as a visual marketing tool and make an attractive option for content marketing.

5. Podcasts

Podcasts are excellent content to market to those type of audience that lack time or interest in acquiring information through reading from content available in the public domain. There is less competition in this medium as many brands do not promote their brand through podcasts. This is an advantage for the brands who do their messaging through podcasts. The number of podcast listeners are also growing over time. In the year 2016, it is estimated that 57 million people listened to podcasts each month. If you have interesting people to interview or informative conversations to host – then podcasting is a format of communication that you should experiment as a marketing tool.

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