Time is your Most Valuable Asset

Time is your Most Valuable Asset

“Time is free, but its priceless
You can’t own it, but you can use it
You can’t keep it, but you can spend it
Once you’ve lost it, you can never get it back.”

― Harvey MacKay

Time is your most valuable asset – don’t waste it. There is no way you can add more time in life. Time only gets spent and your quota is getting depleted every moment. If you are wasting any of it – remember it’s going down the drain.

We have heard this advice umpteen times in life. But, have you ever thought seriously what this advice means? Have you ever taken steps to comply with this advice? For most of us, the answer would be negative because that’s how we treat time – valueless – as if we have an unlimited quota of time lying in our stock.

As grown-ups, we got more and more aware of the importance of this advice. When you look back, you’ll find hundreds of instances where you realized the importance of time. You have also realized the consequences of wasting it. Knowingly or unknowingly you do still waste your time one way or the other.

Time is wasted in spite of knowing we cannot get lost time back again. There is a prevailing argument that wasting time can be treated as leisure. When you look at it closely you will find this is not true. Leisure is a relaxing time or taking a break in between or after completing a job. This is not wasting time. In fact, it is recharging your batteries by taking rest or by indulging in your favorite activities. In such instances, you feel good as you know you deserve to enjoy this time.

Whereas, wasting time is a different prospect. This is not a break time from any work. This is the time you waste without doing any work and having no concrete plans for its use. At this instance, you simply louse around draining your time bank. There is a stark difference between experiencing leisure time and wasting precious time.

Time is invaluable because it is never replaceable. Health or money are also valuable facets of your life – but they are things that you can reinstate to some extent. Time is different. No matter what you can offer – time cannot be bought back.

In spite of this knowledge, we take time for granted. We fail to keep our appointments on time. We often get late while leaving to go somewhere. We fail to value other people’s time and make them wait for us. Literally, we spend time as if everyone has an unlimited supply of it. The key reason for this mindset our lack of valuing time.

Let me illustrate this point with an example. In fact, this is a comparison of assets.

As a metaphor, you just think of the importance you give to your money. Remember the way you react if someone attempts to steal it. Check how distressed you feel when you unknowingly misplace money and you can’t locate it. Even if it is a small amount – you really get pissed off, don’t you? Would you ever give your wallet or ATM card to anyone? That’s not an option ever. See how seriously you take your money. I know you would argue that making money is not easy and you have worked hard to earn it. So you are entitled to value it and care about it. This is the real reason why you feel bad about losing even a small change. This is true.

Now, think about time, the same way you consider money. You know it is valuable and you only have a limited quota in your kitty. Frankly, you don’t even know how much balance of time you have with you. In spite of that, you never take time seriously as you deal with your money. We let other people easily take our time even though it’s our most valuable asset. We waste time in useless ways. The point is – most of us don’t care about our time as we do with our money.

The reason we fail to value our time is that we are not made to work to earn our daily quota of time. God has given this invaluable asset unconditionally and since we get it free we don’t value it. Remember, you cannot have anything else in life –money, luxury, fame or anything that you wish to have – provided you have time on your side. Let me, therefore, stress that just this aspect should make you realize the value of time.

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