Stick to Relevant Content

Stick to Relevant Content

More than often, we bloggers tend to torment ourselves while choosing our next topic for creating a post. After selection, we put in a lot of hard work in its research and creation. Of course, that’s the right way to do it – but do you have the practice of checking whether the piece of content we create is relevant to our core audience. If not, continue reading this article.

Our content is for consumption of readers and its sole purpose is to help them in as many ways it can. To this objective, we must have a checklist of steps to ensure that the content will appeal to our audience. This checklist covers some basic conditions while creating content. These are not complex techniques but simple guidelines to follow while you are writing content for your audience.

1. To stick to relevant content – stick to your niche topics

Readers always prefer to read and gain knowledge on topics of their interest. They became your subscribers after being attracted to such topics covered in your blog. Therefore, to keep them connected you should keep your posts around the same domain of topics.

There is another big advantage to this strategy – i.e. when you create posts over a particular topic for long, it will naturally make you an expert in it. This is since you have put a great amount of research and your own ideas in creating the content. Expertise then becomes a positive factor of attraction for readers which will make them willing and happy to follow you.

So, focus on one main topic that helps your readers. On top of that, you should create your own individual style to make yourself unique in your field.

2. To stick to relevant content – Converse with your readers

You definitely get excited when you find someone having a viewpoint which is very similar to yours over a discussion. You won’t mind discussing with him even other topics that interest you. This concept plays well with your blog too.

Speaking their language can create the same effect with your readers. See that your tone and attitude match with their needs and expectations. This will create the same excitement that you have when you find like-minded people in your social engagements. Now, the hard part is to keep publishing such content consistently.

Focus on one topic and create your own individual style to make yourself unique in your field

One way to get over this is to keep your language simple so that your readers get to the point easily. Avoid using jargons – and if at all you need to use them – explain and make it understandable to your readers. Keeping your ideas simple will help you get more readers to identify with your stand and support you on an issue.

3. To stick to relevant content – Write on current topics

These days you will find that relevance of most things is becoming shorter in limited time. This includes the content you create. Like other things every content gets sidelined when new aspects on a topic emerge and appear before your readers.

Content, therefore, has a limited shelf life unless it is something basic about a topic. Besides that, even in your blog you automatically push away your older content when you publish fresh content on your blog.

It is essential that you keep up with the trends in your field and write about them for your readers. Readers will move away from your blog if they find that your posts cover old topics.

There are many tools available in the market to help you find trending topics. They include:
Google Trends
Google Keyword Planner

You can easily use any of these tools to find the trending news of a particular topic and create your content around it.

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