Rejigging Content

Rejigging Content

What does rejig really mean?
Rejig or rejigging means to rearrange, alter, or manipulate something. This word has an intrinsic meaning attached to it which is doing this alteration or manipulation in a slightly unscrupulous way.

This explanation perfectly fits to our topic of content marketing. So, rejigging of content plan after reasonable a interval is important component of a content strategy.

Suppose a brand has been selling its products in the market and using content marketing as one of the tools – then it needs to occasionally conduct a content audit to find the strengths and weakness in the content plan it is following and content it has published so far .

This study through an audit will provide a better perspective while planning a new content strategy. Now, a content audit is a process which analyses existing content of a brand. It will provide the brand a better picture on the performance of content it has published so far. It will also report how well those contents are performing in terms of SEO and driving traffic.

Content audit helps to figure out content that is really performing so that the brand can retain or replicate them and those which are required to be improved or removed. This process of pruning and optimizing the efficiency of content used in marketing is what rejigging is all about.

Rejigging and optimizing existing content will help a brand to transform pages which are monotonous with irrelevant information into clear and engaging content. Marketers must underline the fact that customers can only be attained or retained through such content.  

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