Real-Time Marketing

Real-Time Marketing

The definition of “real-time marketing” is termed as the practice of brands in engaging with their audience through content, advertising and product placement that is relevant to a current event. Real time marketing efforts can be compared in a sense to viral marketing.  Its effective success can be very narrow in general compared to viral marketing but if it does succeed then it has a very high rate of success.

Social media has had a very significant role to play in real time marketing. Brands have greater success with their real time marketing when thousands of consumers share their content mainly over their social media platforms. This in effect create a kind of chain reaction to the original content thereby creating of a number of pundits on the subject.

Real time marketing is all about recognising an opportunity and responding to it which marketers have been doing all along the history of marketing. Present day fuss about real time marketing is based on the fact that social media has brought real-time marketing to the centre simply by changing the rules of marketing.

Social media has given marketing a new definition as marketing in this medium is not about broadcasting a message across but  constant interaction with consumers. It has removed the hurdle between the brand and the consumer. Marketing in social media is talking to your consumers, brands involving themselves in the conversation, engaging constantly with them and being an equal partner in the interchange. Real time marketing is one step further to this by brands sharing an experience with their audience and be a genuine part of the conversation.

Sharing of information has become faster with the availability of n number of platforms for the exchange. A story can go viral and become obsolete all in one day… timing is crucial for your social marketing messages. Social media is one such medium where major stories break and make news on a single day and die down at an even faster rate. People want information now at this instance and they’re using social media to get it. They want to discuss news as it happens, not days later as it used to happen in old times.

In this context, timing of social media marketing becomes very important. If you can tie down your marketing message with a real time event your brand reputation with your audience goes higher.  Real-time marketing efforts are about responsiveness and capitalizing on something while it is still relevant. It’s about delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Real time marketing is a way to communicate with an audience by creating relevance and value on an everyday basis and creating a foundation for long term engagement. It’s about participating in the conversation in a way that meets your audience’s needs rather than your brand’s.

Real time marketing gives a significant lift to the possibility of seeking out, paying attention to, and participating in brand communications delivered in common channels and by earning credibility with real-time content you’re opening the door to long-term trust which is any marketer’s ultimate goal.

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