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Planning a Content Project

Planning a Content Project

“Start with the end in mind”.

                                                      Stephen R Covey

This quote hits spot on the importance of planning of a Content Project.

Now, a Content Project involves an exhaustive inventory process followed by an extensive audit process of your content set. Therefore, Content Projects are always time and resource consuming processes.

Content Projects require a calibrated preparatory planning work for its successful execution. The preliminary efforts have its importance because of the time consuming and resource dependent nature of these projects.

A well defined plan prepared for executing a Content Project will aid its managers to demonstrate value in executing these processes and help getting approval for the project from its owners. Hence, these preparatory planning alias content inventory is an important factor of content projects.

A planned approach can also give managers of the project a road map to work on its execution process. Again, it will help in accumulating in advance all necessary inputs required for smooth execution. A strict discipline can also be maintained in the project implementation with the help of a Content Inventory, and this is a big plus for completing the project with lesser hurdles and within allotted time.

A well organised plan prepared for a Content Project can demonstrate its value to all its stakeholders. Moreover, astute planning can ensure that the outcomes of the project are as much actionable as possible.

In short, it’s imperative that a content strategist make a proper project plan and define the goals of a Content Project before its commencement. The plan should include the action of selecting a list of team members and suggest who will be dealing with what and make out a plan how to track and communicate the entire project between all of them.


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