Why do we need a Content Inventory?

Why do we need a Content Inventory?

Before, getting on with the topic why do we need a Content Inventory, let me ask you a couple of questions about content that you presently have on your website.

  • Do you know the types of content you have created for your website so far?
  • Do you know how many web pages your website has?
  • Do you know which of your webpages are relevant today, which are outdated and which needs an updation?


If your answer is “no” to any of these questions, I am afraid that you need to do a Content Inventory of your website to get real answers to these queries. To be honest, these answers will provide you clarity of direction that you need for forming your future content strategy.

Normally, almost all website owners publish content on their website with utmost care and scrutiny. This becomes an ongoing exercise if your website is dynamic in nature. At such instances, continuous process of content creation compels content creators to spend a lot of their time, resources and creativity for creating and publishing new content.

Fresh and unique content creation require new ideas. Coming up with fresh content ideas is a constant struggle. Further, to create new and unpublished content, content creators need to know what content has already been published on a website.

Content Inventory comes handy here, as it maps out all the published content of a website. Once the content creator have this information, it becomes easier to for him identify opportunities and content gaps from existing content to plan and create fresh content.

Content inventory is the process which maps out all the published content on a website of a brand.

Therefore, a Content Inventory is a simple quantitative analysis of existing content which forms the root basis for all content planning. It forms the foundation of a website redesign project. Content Inventory can become the format of a content management system. Content Inventory forms the basis of a content migration project and it also help content managers in a website maintenance program which has its focus on content.

In conclusion, let me now list out a few good reasons for conducting a content inventory. A Content Inventory helps:

  1. To Assess the existing landscape of a website
  2. To provide basic data for a content project estimation
  3. To identify the patterns in the content structure of a website
  4. To compare the present website to the to-be designed website of future
  5. To do a proper migration tracking of a content project-

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