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Multi Channel Content Auditing

Multi Channel Content Auditing

Multi-channel auditing of content is a process which audits the same metrics that are considered for single channels.  The metrics for these audits include quality of writing, consistency, accuracy. currency, voice and tone of content.

One of the primary issues an auditor should consider while auditing a multiple channel is to ensure that wherever a customer engages with a brand’s content on any channel that the  brand is marketing, the customer should feel that the message is coming from one –let me stress this– from one single brand. To achieve such parity on different channels there should be a common thread in the content across the channels. This is an important issue which many auditors do not take with the seriousness it deserves.

While auditing multiple channels – auditors need to consider the needs and limitations of each of the channel and the integration of the commonality of the brand should be then taken care of.

The key to auditing the content of a channel is first – understanding the audience of the channel. For e.g. an in-house product content which is aimed for the brand’s own staff members will vary from the content of a catalog meant for customers of the brand for the same product.

There maybe certain aspects like product specification that will remain consistent, but otherwise most of the content will differ. This is mainly because there is no need of selling or in other words “convincing” involved for the in-house people. So the variations in the presentation and tone of content for both these audience is perfectly logical.

The key to auditing the content of a channel is first – understanding the audience of the channel.

Similarly, a newsletter may have a different tone and voice for the same content than a press release. Again, content made for social media channels and content addressing company investors will vary.

Now, the tentative variables considered across different channels are:

  1. Presentation
  2. Format
  3. Content Length
  4. Voice and Tone

The main aspect that an auditor should check in an audit process is to verify all  factual information about a product or service contained in the content should not vary while publishing them across different channels.

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