Mobile Apps – New Search Feature from Google

Mobile Apps – New Search Feature from Google

Google is now in the process of making it easier for users to search and install mobile apps onto their devices. On a pilot basis, it is allowing some android users to download apps directly from Google search pages.

In the past, a user had to open Google Play store for every mobile app downloads. Apple app store and iOS follow the same process.

Apps are the future and they are going to rule the digital world.

This new feature is on a pilot mode as only some android users are provided with this download facility. Google is in the process of streamlining this process across search functions for every user.

Ironically, this feature may affect the revenues of Facebook substantially. Google may be purposefully aiming for that.

Facebook had started a mobile app install ad feature a few years back. This feature displayed ads of mobile apps directly on news feed of Facebook users. App developers took this as an effective way of  driving their app downloads. This feature is one of the fastest growing revenue models of Facebook.

Google is trying to facilitate  every user to  locate and download apps directly from a Google search result page. In such a case , there is less chance of  app developers going for ads on Facebook. Google is thus cleverly using this feature to indirectly hurt Facebook.

Apps are the future and they are going to rule the digital world. The multiplying number of mobile apps is making it difficult for finding the right app for users. With the exponential growth in the number of apps the shortest route for a user is to search, click and download. Google is only creating that experience for every user.


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