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Managing a Content Project

Managing a Content Project

A Content Project normally consist of a content inventory and a content audit. Planning and managing a Content Project becomes a complex task if the website is huge.

Now, to make the task of executing a complex Content Project more simpler and manageable there should be clarity of vision and goals of the project. There should not exist any ambiguity on this aspect among the stakeholders of the project. Clear instructions should be given to each stakeholder after discussing the entire project with them.

Executing a content project is easier if there is clarity on who will handle which part of the project. This kind of transparency will keep every contributors to the project on the same page.

So, it will benefit the execution if vision and goals of the project are laid at the initial stage of the project itself.

The Content Project should be defined with the following aspects:

  • Who the audience for the audit is?
  • What business goals it supports? And
  • What project requirements are.

This process will help the managers in executing the project in a cohesive manner. Besides, it will help them to spend their time on the project more effectively.

The smooth execution of a content project can be attained by defining roles and responsibilities of team members at the beginning of the project itself.

“Executing a Content Project is easier if there is clarity on who will handle which part of the project.”

Content inventories and audits need team work to assess content more effectively from a variety of angles. Besides that, we know content projects are highly resource consuming and hence it is all the more important for project managers to take all preparatory steps explained above.

The overall execution of the project will benefit if the content project team has multi-disciplinary qualities with sufficient knowledge in content strategy, user experience, business and marketing knowledge and technical experience. This factor helps a lot when there is not enough funds to execute the project.

In such instances, managers should see to it that knowledge of all the areas mentioned are adequately represented in the team. Today we have many professionals wear multiple hats and have diverse capabilities which can solve this problem easily. This is ensure  that the team has all relevant viewpoints to process and complete the project easily and efficiently.

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