Lead Generation

Lead Generation

The marketing process which gets prospects interested in a product of a brand is called “lead generation“. The said activity aims to accumulate contacts of prospects who show interest in a product or service of the brand and it helps marketers to target their pitches to more qualified leads and improve sales and business.

Lead generation became inevitable as customers became more and more intelligent and knowledgeable, thanks to easy access to information available online. Today, most customers make their own buying decisions after evaluating every available information about a product with a comparative study between its multiple vendors. This aspect has forced marketers to adopt methods like a lead generation to bait and attract customers towards them through various tactics using digital channels. This is a way to keep customers tied to them so that they do not get attracted to the baits of their competitors.

Social media channels – all digital channels work as pipelines between brands and customers for lead generation. These channels undergo constant and rapid changes all the time. Scores of new channels are also getting created at a faster pace. Marketers change and create lead generation tactics in tune to these changes. So, effectually, lead generation techniques are evolving in tandem with changes happening in digital channels of communication used by marketers.

Lead generation has become essential as customers are turning more and more intelligent over time.

There are many lead generation techniques popular with the marketers today. Let us see a few important ones here.

1. Grow your social presence

Creating a credible personal brand is the foundation of a good lead generation system. People will always look out the credentials of the person who is the source which provides the product or service. The authority of an individual is often checked on platforms like LinkedIn. So it is essential to make your LinkedIn profile reflect your best qualities. This plays a big role in fructifying your efforts in generating qualified leads to your brand.

2. Create helpful “how-to” content

The blog is the best platform to create and share helpful content to your customers. You can share your expertise and build authority on your blog. This will make customers return to your blog again when they need information. This is a good method to create your own leads.

3. Create engaging videos for your customers

Videos generate engagement. Videos that can give practical insights are always in demand as they help solve problems of customers. Creating engaging videos is again a good method to attract customers to your brand. The contacts thus collected can easily develop into good leads that can be used by brands later.

4. Create referrals from current customers

Asking customers to refer your product is a good way of creating leads. Many marketers do not use this method enough. This reluctance is often the result of the presumption that the client may dislike such an approach. If you know your client is happy with your product or service, then there is no harm in asking this favor. Convince your client that you will also be doing a favor to the person who he refers to by providing a great product or service that he has just enjoyed. The best time to do this is when you really know your customer is happy with you. This is more effective for B2B clients.

5. Connect with relevant communities

Using your personal brand you must connect with communities that align with your line of business. Then use such engagement to discuss and share relevant information on your products and services. The chance of connecting with your would-be customers or influencers in these forums are high and this would lead to generating qualified leads for your brand.

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