Benefits of Keeping a Journal

Benefits of Keeping a Journal

If I tell you that keeping a journal would improve the quality of your life – would you do it? I feel – most of you will brush aside the suggestion as you do for many other things in life.

Whether you do it or not – I am jotting down the positive impacts of journaling in this post. This is for the benefit of those who may consider taking my suggestion seriously.

Journaling is writing down your thoughts and feelings about the events of your life on a daily basis. This journal will contain your personal thoughts and views on any topic that you wish to express. The contents of your journal should always remain confidential. You should keep it accessible only for yourself unless you want to divulge its content to someone else.

There are many benefits to journaling – and I am writing this post to bring out some of them to you.

Clarity of thoughts

This is the most important benefit of keeping a confidential diary. Writing our thoughts daily saves our mind from thinking over and over on the same issue.

Our mind is constantly bombarded with thoughts that come and go like lightning. Keeping a tab on them is impossible. However, keeping a journal will make us sit down and catch some of these thoughts on a paper. This will make them appear in black and white before us.

Journaling can help you calm your mind. Writing a journal has a meditative effect. When you are writing out your thoughts you feel like you are conversing with yourself.

Monitor and Control Actions

It has been proved that thoughts are the basis of our actions. So, if you can get firsthand knowledge of your thoughts through a journal – it can help you monitor and control your actions in a desirable way.

When you write your problems and challenges you are lifting a weight out of your shoulders. Your problems are now on a paper instead of bashing your mind every now causing you to be in constant tension.

When you have a problem in your mind – it keeps on coming up to the surface, again and again, to bother you constantly. When you put your problem into a journal it gets temporarily removed from your mind – and you have it before you to find a solution. This will relieve you from a lot of tension.

Journaling empties your mind of unwanted thoughts. Now, you can sit down calmly and find a sensible solution to your problem.

When you write your problems and challenges you are lifting a weight out of your shoulders.

Helps Personal Development

Journaling helps us in our personal development. When we get a chance to look at our thoughts written on paper – we get numerous insights. The solution to a problem becomes clearer when we look at it from outside. This happens because when we look at the problem – various options – which are solutions – gets lined up before us.

When the same problem is located in our mind, it is difficult to run through various options for solving the problem and reach our best solution to it. Don’t think of this as a simple process. Imagine you are doing this daily. When you make it a regular habit it will help you evolve as a better person. It will give you an excellent environment to improve yourself.

Journaling done regularly has a practical benefit. Writing dairy will make you write down your mistakes onto a paper. I don’t know if you have tried this – writing down your mistakes in life almost gives you a kind of forgiveness for those errors. This feeling arises from the sense of admission you make from your part as they are mistakes that you made in your life.

This written record of your journal will be a reminder of your mistakes and will greatly help you to not repeat them again. They will act as a kind of review so that you become a better person on similar occasions in the future.

Journals will help you get back on track when you are feeling lost. It will give you a reference to your past history when you had faced a similar problem.

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