Integrating Mobile into Social Media Marketing

Integrating Mobile into Social Media Marketing

Internet access over mobile devices using smart phones and tablets have grown rapidly and people are doing just about everything on these devices that once was only possible with their computer. From a marketers point of view it is encouraging to note that the number of people who have started to use their mobile devices for shopping has grown rapidly in recent times. Besides it is expected that virtually every person on the planet will own at least one mobile device in a couple more years, thus defining the importance of this segment in any marketing strategy.

Today, for any marketing message to succeed, marketers need to be in constant engagement with their customers. One needs to be interesting, personal and not be or appear to be superficial in one’s engagement with the audience. One need to catch their attention without being spammy and maintaining this relation with the plethora of social media platforms available is a challenging task. Every platform be it be YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Facebook has scaled to match the medium and to make the most of both mobile and monitor screens.

As mobile devices are available every time accessing and browsing the internet by a consumer for information on your business, other businesses in the area, services and products at that moment and how to get a good deal etc. is instant. Google has already recognized that importance of mobile users and have already declared that from 21st April they will give superior rankings to businesses having mobile friendly websites. So when you are integrating you marketing strategy to mobile you need to make sure the switch is perfect and working to your advantage.

In this context, it becomes important to integrate one message cohesively across every platform covering any marketing plan or campaign. But when you integrate your message across to a different platform you need to adopt a strategy in orientation to that platform. Many marketers make the mistake of replicating their same strategy on the desktop and while shifting to mobile they fail to note that mobile users have a different sensibility in their search, connect and purchase responsiveness than users of other platforms. Marketers need to study and implement these characteristics for a successful campaign.

There are many ways to integrate your social media marketing to other platforms. One way is to add social sharing to your emails. Promote your email program in social media, and vice versa. Another effective way of integrating your social media contacts with other marketing strategy is to create and distribute widely good quality content about your blog and optimize every piece of content for search.

There need to be a interconnection within your social media and traditional media and mobile campaigns together and the same messaging ought to be carried consistently across them all. Mobile has an advantage over the other platforms by the way it gives brands unprecedented access to consumers and therefore it should give utmost relevance in devising a mobile strategy.

Look at every customer you have access to over a mobile platform not just as a “once only” potential customer, but by keeping him engaged with your brand you can treat him as potential sales in the future as well.

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