Improving the quality of leads

Improving the quality of leads

There was a time when the number of leads generated in a marketing campaign would decide the success of a project. Incidentally, these were times when digital marketing had not come to the forefront in marketing. Today, the quality of leads generated in a campaign defines its success. The quality of leads obtained is considered more important than the number of leads acquired in a marketing campaign.

What do you mean by the quality of a lead?

The elements that define the quality of a lead differ from brand to brand. One company may consider an email or phone number of a prospect as a quality lead, whereas another company may consider the same as visitors filling accurate registration data on the landing page it has put up on its website.

The quality of a lead depends on the purpose for which the brand choose to use its leads. The purpose of a lead must be defined at the planning stage of a marketing campaign itself.

Quality of a lead is a key factor in measuring the ROI of a marketing campaign. There are many methods available to better the lead quality of a brand. Some of them are mentioned below:

Quick Response

We all have short attention spans. Our memory does not retain contemporary information for long periods unless we make a conscious attempt towards it. There could be many reasons for this aspect. One reason is the bombardment of information we are constantly subjected to daily from multiple sources. The problem gets aggravated when we get addicted to these sources of information.

Similarly, a consumer who is visiting a website will have the same memory lapse. The competition between brands begins at the instant a consumer goes online and inquire about a product. Tracking technology is now capable of accurately informing the actions of a web user to brands. Consequently, his inbox will immediately receive a barrage of messages from companies who are in the same market.

Therefore, whenever a consumer registers his information or feeds his email or phone number either for an inquiry or just showing an interest, you must contact the person quickly. Your response should be quick so as to convert the lead into a customer. At least, you should start nurturing the lead and keep him connected. If there is a delay in response, rival brands will approach the consumer with a deal or offer and sway him towards them.

Many companies take pride in their well crafted and skillfully executed marketing campaigns. They may be getting a fair amount of leads also. But, if the response time to contact the leads is delayed the leads are bound to get away and be of no value to a brand. Companies should, therefore, spend more time and effort in nurturing leads and converting them to customers.

Use efficient lead nurturing techniques

Accumulating leads is one step of marketing, but nurturing them and eventually making them buy your products is a more sophisticated process. You need to build a strong connection and bond with your potential customers to achieve this goal.

The problem with leads is that all of them will not be sales-ready for conversion. According to a research by Marketo, approximately 96% of visitors that come to your website are not ready to buy.
These visitors will be in the early stages of their buying journey. Some of them will be simply gathering information to identify a possible solution to their problem.

You cannot lose these leads simply because they are not ready to buy. Moreover, your major chunk of leads falls in this category. Brands need to keep their leads connected with the brand for future conversion through effective lead nurturing techniques.

Brands should gradually position themselves as their trusted adviser so that when a lead finally comes around and gets ready to make a purchase, the name of your brand should come on top of his mind.

Lead nurturing is building a strong connection with potential customers. Brands need to adopt a multi-pronged approach to keep their customers connected.

Email marketing

Email marketing is one other good way to stay connected with consumers. Personalized emails with targeted content based on their online behavior should be sent to consumers to seek their attention. It makes a consumer feel special as you are directly connecting with him on his interests or problems.

Brands should ensure that these emails are not used as sales pitches. The purpose of the emails is just to keep the name of the brand on top of his mind whenever he decides to make a purchase. These emails are not to make him do an immediate purchase.

But let me tell you, email marketing is not just enough to keep a consumer connected to a brand. Many consumers may not even open an email if they see that it has come from a company. Brands need to think and do things out of the box to keep consumers attached more so because their competitors are also doing their best in this aspect.

Targeted content marketing

Targeted content marketing is another way to keep leads connected to a brand. To take this approach, brands need to study the leads and find out their needs and preferences. This information will enable brands to deliver content that triggers their interest in the brand.

Lead scoring

Lead scoring is one more in-house method of segregating leads and manage and nurture them differently and effectively. This is a simple method of rating your leads and ascertaining their value. This rating is usually done by evaluating how interested leads are with the brand and its products. The rating of a lead which has viewed a webinar and a lead which has just surfed the website differ.  This will not only define the ways to deal with different segments of leads but it will also reduce the effort and time required in dealing with them.

Besides these, brands also carry out their nurturing process of improving the quality of lead through other methods like social media marketing and dynamic website content.

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