Importance of “Persona Research”

Importance of “Persona Research”

“Persona Research” of the customers of a brand is an important task in marketing that many brands take lightly. This research is crucial to understand the target audience of a brand.

Creating the ideal customer profile of a brand is an important factor of every marketing plan. This is all the more important in today’s highly competitive world of marketing with cut throat competition running so high between brands.

It is therefore essential for a brand to do a thorough research of “persona” of the brand / products / services or whatever that brand is selling in the market. These profiles are also called buyer personas. They are in fact generalized representations of an ideal customer of the brand.

Understanding personas of a brand is key to a marketing campaign’s success. Brands should do research and find all available details of an ideal customer for its products. This is an essential factor required to pitch the right kind of messaging in its marketing campaigns. The profile details of an ideal customer are a must to achieve this. Studying the profile of customers minutely and creating marketing pitches to contact them based on those data is a highly effective way of marketing.

Creating the persona of a customer can also help the brand in other areas. Brands can have a proper feedback from its customers before doing new product development as they will provide information on the type of product they wish to have from the brand.

Knowing your brand persona also helps a brand in content creation for marketing and strategizing its sales follow-up. It also helps the brand in its attempts to retain its existing customers. Research of a brand persona will help a brand in understanding its user’s intent so that a brand can do its messaging accordingly. There is no second opinion on the fact that the key of a successful marketing campaign is delivering the right message, to the right person at the right time! 

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