High Quality Content for optimized Search Engine

High Quality Content for optimized Search Engine

Content of a website, blog or any web property has today become an important part of SEO after Hummingbird update by Google. Prior to that update, content of any type was  not given any particular importance by SEO practitioners and in their quest for SEO rankings, the internet was bombarded with huge amount of duplicate and repetitive spin content.

Google had started emphasizing the importance of good quality content through many of its updates even prior to Hummingbird. Today Google has updated its algorithm substantially ensuring good quality content is important for SEO.

Google has prescribed some basic requirements on the uniqueness of the content for better SEO ranking on its search engine. Following are a few among them :

Unique Content

Google want unique content to be used for your website which means that search engines should not have seen such combination of words and phrases before. The effort in writing such content will become easier if you sit back and create content which actually describe your product or service in the way you want your user to understand what you are offering. This will give you the unique content that doesn’t appear elsewhere.

Appropriate Content

Content used by you to describe your product or service should be related to what the user is searching for. Often times there is a mismatch where your website can be on the topic of a searcher’s query but not the intent of his search. Again, if you put efforts to describe your product or service as it is and not put efforts to insert popular search words into the content which are not relevant to your product, you can write relevant content.

User Supporting Content

The descriptions and details that you provide on your website should help your users. This means you should not use any tricks for better ranking in SEO. You should assist users to know your product and get a clear understanding of your explanation and about what you are offering them through your website or blog. Squarely,  you should resolve the searchers query in a helpful manner.

Valuable Content

This means that the presentation of content by you on your website is unique which is difficult to find anywhere else. The content you create should be engaging and attractive in the way it is presented to him. The user should be attracted to the way the matter is simplified and put up to him.


Google had made it pretty clear on its policy by directing the marketers to make content for the users of the website and NOT to use any kind of trickery to improve search engine rankings. Google wants to ensure that each website is unique with engaging content and that they stand out from others.

Google is in its quest to get the user to the answer he is looking for faster, creating a nearly seamless connection between him and the knowledge he seeks.

Google therefore is in the  process of aptly solving people’s queries, and they want to do it as intuitively as possible using technology.

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