Helping others is a noble act

Helping others is a noble act

Many of us who are fortunate enough to live a decent life sometimes feel in our heart that we should help needy people. Often this feeling remains confined to our thoughts. They seldom get transferred into concrete action. We may have a strong wish to help people but when it comes to action we tend to postpone or avert it.

For this lack of action, we create excuses saying that we don’t know the real people who require help. We proclaim that there a lot of fraudsters asking for help to take us for a ride with sob stories to gain sympathy and help. We never try to get out of our comfort zone to find real people who are suffering and are in need of help. Honestly, I don’t think there is a dearth of people who require compassion and help in this world. We would never be passive and create excuses if we really wanted to help others.

Ways to help people

Perhaps, we fail to understand what we should really be doing to help needy and poor people. There are many ways to help them. If you want, you can donate money for good causes or you can volunteer your time to help through an NGO.

The basic emotion which drives you to help others is that it makes you feel good about yourself.

Why do you have this craving to help others? Most have this urge as they wish to stand up for the right thing – or stand for the rights of helpless people – or stand equal in solidarity with them for the right cause.

Helping others is not a defined action. Whatever you do – if it can bring a smile on someone else’s face then it is a good deed. Your deed is helping another person in some way. It is as simple as that.

Why help people

Now, why should we help others? How would it benefit you?

The basic emotion which drives you to help others is that it makes you feel good about yourself. And it’s good to do good to others. It makes you feel like a better person.

It inculcates sincere respect for you in others. Whenever you volunteer in worthwhile causes the benefits are far greater. Volunteering as such can help you reduce stress, fight depression and give you a sense of purpose in life. Often volunteering is recommended when people go under depression as it helps to get them back to active life.

It has been found through numerous studies that the more people do acts of altruism, the higher their self-esteem. Helping others is also a good way to raise the level of happiness within you. This “feel good” factor has a positive impact on your health also. When your mind is happy, healthy and strong – the same gets transferred to your body. In such high spirits, you tend to do things which will make your body and mind healthy.

Your action of helping someone can also cause a positive effect on others. It may change their lives in such a way that it may instill empathy for others in their life.

Thus you are causing a chain effect of good deeds. There can be nothing better for this world than that. We are living in a conflict-driven world with lots of problems which are at flashpoints. Even though we are enjoying the most luxurious life that humans as a species have ever experienced – emotionally we are all on edges. Perhaps doing a good deed to others is the best solution to save humanity and all its ailments.

Help people with sincerity

There are numerous ways to help people who are in need. Volunteering for a noble cause is an excellent way. You can also help people through a donation of money, or by giving away your old and unwanted things – which can be used by others – or you can do fundraising for a good cause, or giving your time to serve others. The best way to help others is to empower them to live their lives independently – say – by way of giving them education or teaching them a skill.

Whenever you are helping others – do it with a true feeling of compassion – don’t expect anything in return. Don’t even make it a thing to boast upon. Many people do this. They help others to publicize and claim to be a good person. If that is the intention of your helping others it will not give you the good feelings that I have mentioned above. Please understand giving is an emotion and there is no logic in it.

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