Some Facts About Procrastination

Some Facts About Procrastination

Today, I decided to write a post on procrastination because it had played a prominent role in keeping me rooted to a place for a long period of time. The adverse effects of that period are still lingering in my life.

Precious amounts of time get lost on every occasion you procrastinate. So, before getting into the discussion of our topic, I decided to find a couple of quotes on time which I am jotting here.

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” – Mother Theresa

“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.” – Charles Darwin, The Life & Letters of Charles Darwin

Procrastination is a natural habit of human beings. The time thus lost to mankind owing to the habit is unimaginable.

Leave alone the mankind, just think about countless hours and days you have lost to procrastination in your life. I suppose, thinking on it will make you feel guilty. But, in spite of that, we will procrastinate again on many things in life. This is because the tendency to procrastinate is almost natural to us.

The chance of procrastinating again by biding your time on important things for indefinite periods citing silliest reason will always be there within you. You have to discipline yourself completely to beat this bad habit.

I believe all procrastinators to be good planners – they all have a natural acumen for planning things out. I am saying this from my own experience.

Planning is a process which allows you to delay things without feeling guilty about it. This delays could sometimes be indefinite – and this is what procrastinators relish on.

Planning also makes a procrastinator feel that he is doing some work over things he is supposed to work on – and this feeling is enough gratification for him to believe that he is doing the right thing.

The keyword for people who procrastinate is “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “I’ll start afresh later”. They find relish in harboring this feeling and postponing important things to future dates.

I believe all procrastinators to be good planners – they all have a natural acumen for planning things out.

If you want to eliminate procrastination from your life, you have to decide what would you like to feel – like a winner or a loser? I don’t think you have any doubt on it – you would like to be a winner. You know that a winner will always get the glory along with a sense of achievement that comes with it.

To be honest, fighting over procrastination gives you the same feeling of a winner. And I am not joking. So, why would you not start beating this habit by completing your small tasks and have the déjà vu feeling?

If you do the opposite and delay your responsibilities – i.e. procrastinate – and fail to give your best effort to complete them – then you will definitely have the feeling of a loser. The simple point is – we feel good when we try our best to achieve a goal. Even trying for it is enough. Certainly, we will feel bad (the loser feeling) if we get laidback and fail to complete a necessary work.

What do you get by fighting procrastination?

The most obvious benefit of fighting procrastination is that you get your work completed. Results don’t matter. That’s a big achievement for a procrastinator. Once you start doing this more often it will eventually become a habit making you forget procrastination – i.e. your excuse generating mindset.

We must remove procrastination from our character so that we can put in more work – and work can only bring success in your life – nothing else will. Hard work will increase our chances of getting a positive result and becoming successful in whatever we are working on.

The hard part is putting in efforts on to a work even when you don’t feel like it. Remember, without effort, you cannot have everything you want in life. You need to put in your time even when you don’t feel like it. We must beat procrastination by pushing more work into our schedules.

What if you can have fun by beating this procrastination monster?

Procrastination gives us short-term gratification – which we get when we don’t act on things we are supposed to. By delaying things, we are losing time – matters get delayed – even to detrimental consequences.

What if we pull ourselves and complete our tasks on time? If we do that, we could spare time as we would be completing our tasks on time – or even before time. This will spare us time to enjoy things we would like to. The joy you feel will be sweet after completing your task as it will give you a sense of achievement in life.

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