Watching TV for long hours is an unhealthy habit

Watching TV for long hours is an unhealthy habit

Watching TV is normally a thing we indulge during our free time. The amount of free time we get daily is limited. When you subtract the time spent working, commuting, eating, sleeping, and doing housework, chances are you are left with very little time – maybe an hour or two of free time each day. If you are using all of your free time and beyond for watching the idiot box then you are certainly getting addicted to it. This is an unhealthy habit which will have an adverse effect on your life.

Watching TV per se isn’t something bad or wrong. But, it also does not give you any positive things which you can gain on. It may give you a laugh once in a while from a well-produced comedy. You may also enjoy watching your favorite teams battle it out on the field for the championship title. These have become rare as the TV as a medium is on the decline. Other broadcasting mediums like Netflix are on the rise.

Watching TV doesn’t produce the mood-enhancing brain chemicals that the most effective stress-relief strategies can. In fact, activities, like exercising or playing sports, reading, listening to music or spending time with friends or family, give you more satisfaction on use of your time. It enhances your mood when you indulge in these activities. So, in comparison to these activities – watching TV for long periods of time is equal to spending your valuable time uselessly. The point is that there is always something ‘more productive’ people should be doing with their time than watching TV.

Besides wasting valuable time, there are other factors which make watching TV detrimental to our health. And if you haven’t consciously invested your time in other meaningful or satisfying activities except for watching TV, every day will feel like a grind

If you are a committed follower of TV serials – then the timings of the serials will take control of your time. Your schedule of activities will get dictated by your favorite serial timings. You may even stop an important project in between to catch up the latest episode of a serial. I am not joking – this is a way of life for many. The problem is that we have got so used to it – that we feel it is normal. We should watch TV in our free time – otherwise, we are wasting time and making compromises over important things in our lives.

Watching TV doesn’t produce the mood-enhancing brain chemicals that the most effective stress-relief strategies do.

Watching too much TV can hamper our creativity. A TV is a popular source of entertainment for us. We watch many creative shows on it – but when you become an addict to this idiot box – you are more than likely to lose your imagination powers. You become a captive of TV and whatever it feeds your brain. Your capacity to think anything beyond that gets curtailed and you may not even realize it.

Watching TV can make you an insomniac. When you get into the habit of watching TV continuously, after some time you get addicted to the shows that are broadcasted on it. You will then get compelled to sit and watch them for countless hours. It will affect your health – both mental and physical and make you lethargic and an unhealthy person.

TV watching can also make you lazy. Once you start spending too much time on this activity – you will not have time to spend on other positive activities of your life. Doing productive work will be pushed out of your agenda. You will eventually get lazier as you get used to this sedentary life.

I shall give you a couple of other vices. I don’t know if you have noticed – if you watch serials regularly – we tend to spend a lot of time discussing them with others. This is because our mind is fully engrossed in it even when we are not watching them.

We analyze and decipher characters minutely for discussing issues of hypothetical people living in a hypothetical world. Perhaps, we may fail to understand vividly the person who has been living with us for years. This mental and verbal duel end up wasting a good amount of our time.

Many TV gazers get so engrossed in the characters and stories which are shown on TV that – they get dissatisfied when they compare their lives with these characters depicting in them. This way they involuntarily invite unnecessary emotional problems into their lives.

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