Cultivate Mindfulness Habit

Cultivate Mindfulness Habit

Have you ever checked what goes through your mind while you are on a traveling trip related to your work? If not, then try to find your mental exercises while traveling in the future.

Let us assume you are traveling from point A to point B  – and you are covering the distance in say – a couple of hours. I am not speaking about a long trip across the country. This means you have this two-hour slot of time which is out of your regular routine. Many of us may use this time for either reading a book or newspaper or listening to music or even watching a movie on a smart device or just doing nothing.

Over the course of your journey, your main concern will be reaching your destination in time without any hiccups. Using your traveling time for one of the things I mentioned before will only be possible if you have the comfort level to do so during your journey. After all, it would be very difficult to use this time in any of the ways I mentioned if you are traveling during the rush hour on a local train in a city like Mumbai.

This scenario seems to be a common one across all cities down the world. In this context, it is highly unlikely you notice anything else along the way of your travel. I intend to say that most of us are self-occupied and busy every time we make a trip to different places for work or otherwise. Thus, you fail to observe the fields, trees, buildings or whatever scenarios that pass by along the way you commute. You may not even observe the strangers who are your co-passengers traveling along with you.

The point I am making here is that – on most occasions, you are on an auto-pilot mode throughout these journeys. The term I would like to mention is that you are literally “mindless” during the period of your journey. Let me explain.

Mindlessness can become quite costly at times.

The word ‘mindlessness’ which I just mentioned means your ‘nature to not observe anything’ along the way during your travel. This is not a big deal as such an action – or inaction if I may say so – did not cause you any harm. You did not lose or miss anything as it was not part of your work nor you were assigned to do it. I mean there was no compulsion to do it.

But, this habit which you replicate every time you make a trip cause your mind to fall into an auto-pilot mode. This habit of making you oblivious to your surroundings is not a good one to nurture. This is the mindlessness we covered a little while ago. This kind of behaviors can be the cause of your success or failure. It is said that your sub-conscious, second-nature habits make up for 40% of your waking hours. Acquiring such a habit even sub-consciously will result in losing out on many important aspects in your life.

In all likelihood, if you do not put conscious efforts to correct this pattern of behavior it can become detrimental to your causes. If not, over a period of time it will become one. When you get into the habit of acting on auto-pilot more often then it is a matter of concern. This is because then mindlessness becomes a common occurrence and this state of mind has a tendency to carry over to other areas of your life.

Mindlessness can become quite costly at times. It can fail you to catch on to some of the really good things that could happen in your life. It can make you miss important information and messages which could be significant for your life, your relations or health.

The point I making is that instead of cultivating ‘mindlessness’ we should be nurturing ‘mindfulness’ in our lives. Mindfulness can be developed through practice. For e.g., during your travel, you should try to look at the places that go by – look at nature, the sky or the fields that cross your path – or whatever that interests you in that journey. You should use conscious attention to observe and see things as they are.

Creating a mindfulness habit may look simple but it is not easy. The good thing is that we all have the ability to create mindfulness but the real test lies in the quality and application one posses to develop it into a habit.

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