Content Marketing is Not Simple

Content Marketing is Not Simple

Many brands that are in the market today believe that content marketing is a process that is really simple. This perception has harmed these brands more than those which do not actively pursue content marketing.

The root cause of this perception is that the claim that they do not have to invest money or resources for content marketing. They claim that their content marketing is doing good without money or too much resources  spent on them. These brands believe that just getting content created by their staff and putting them online is what content marketing is all about.

Let me give you an analogy to explain the fallacy of this perception.

Content marketing takes money and resources to professionally maintain the process.

Suppose you are going on a diet to lose weight and you strictly follow your diet and exercise for two weeks. This is how long your will power assist you in riding the tide. And then suddenly your passion takes a dip and you stop exercising and go right back to your old diet habits. So now what happens?

First of all – you gain back all the weight you lost, and more importantly, your dream of physical fitness takes a nosedive. The same is the story with content in content marketing if you follow the same pattern.

Content marketing takes money and resources to professionally maintain the process. If you are pumping your digital assets with a lot of content for two weeks and then suddenly laying off your strategy entirely, you can bet that not only will your strategy be ineffective, but all your money and resources which you put initially will go down the drain.

So, if you are into content marketing then do follow a content strategy and maintain a discipline in keeping the process running to make it fruitful.

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