Why Content Marketing Seem Difficult?

Why Content Marketing Seem Difficult?

Many marketers – which includes experienced one’s – believe that having a live blog, publishing newsletters, updating Facebook page and similar actions are more than enough to achieve success in content marketing.

At times, blog posts may not get much traffic or conversions. Email newsletters may not be opened. Customers may totally ignore social media.

Mostly the results obtained from these actions are not according to expectations set out by them at the planning stages of their content marketing project. This is not unusual and it happens because most marketers believe content marketing should be easier than it is. Again many believe that their product is the one and only solution in the world and they should sell itself.

Why it is so?
The answer to this question lies in the following question – Is the content that are created and distributed by these marketers any different than anything else out there?”

Are the e-newsletters which are sent to customers any different?

Now, if you minutely look at content published by many of these marketers you will find that most of them are general information available in abundance in the public domain. The excuse that marketers use for this aspect is that they don’t want to give away any intellectual property without compensation. This is one of the many reasons why content marketing seems non-working and difficult.

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