Why Content Marketing?

Why Content Marketing?

Presenting the right product information before a customer at the appropriate moment is seen to be very effective in convincing customers about a product than a direct sales talk.

Studies have shown that potential clients find content published by a brand about a company and its products to be extremely helpful in deciding their course of action on purchase. The value of this information delivered through content marketing can make them decide and convince on their purchase even before they approach a human contact from the brand. Therefore, content marketing helps reduce a lot of pressure for a marketer in convincing a customer to engage with the brand.

Content marketing helps a marketer from avoiding any high pressure sales tactics in achieving his targets. The most vital part of content marketing process is building trust. Normally, this usually is done during an extensive sales cycle and it gets created before we know a potential client exists.

Based on the assumptions described above – we can safely conclude that return on investment for content marketing can be phenomenal, if targeted to the right audience.

Content marketing helps a marketer from avoiding any high pressure sales tactics in achieving his targets.

In fact, content marketing does not even take a big investment to execute. Most of the success that come with content marketing can be obtained from well drafted and well timed articles published in your niche market.

Another big advantage of content marketing is that it supports other digital marketing channels which are in public domain today. For. e.g. It provides additional content for social media marketing across “n” number of channels that we have today.

Content marketing can also easily contribute to SEO efforts of a brand by generating natural inbound links. It also helps to build good content on its website that gets found in search engines.
So, when you look closely – you can see that for many companies, the bulk of their SEO efforts is focused on content marketing.

Content marketing is a process aimed at creating content for thought leadership, brand awareness, lead generation etc. Amongst its scores of benefits, one bonus benefit of content marketing is creation of brand affinity among the customers.

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