What is Content Marketing?

What is Content Marketing?

Changes in Marketing World

Good old days – when a marketer could directly approach a customer to convince him to buy his products are over.  In today’s marketing world – customers have become knowledgeable and smart through research and analysis to find products which are good for them. Then it becomes the customers’ prerogative to contact the brand of his choice.

This characteristic change in buying behavior of customers has made direct selling of products almost impossible for smaller and medium level businesses. The whole atmosphere of markets has got changed from sellers’ market to a buyers’ market now.

Good old days – when a marketer could directly approach a customer to convince him to buy his products are over.

Content Marketing Today

Direct selling by brands are happening only where businesses are in a seller’s market –   i.e. big brands and big businesses. Even here – customers do their in-depth research before they finalize a product and approach the brand.

This scenario has changed the trend of today’s marketing and has forced many established brands to abandon or at least tone down their direct selling strategies. Today businesses are more focused on marketing their products through indirect marketing than direct selling tactics.

And – this is where content marketing as an inbound marketing strategy help brands in obtaining attention of customers to its messaging. Going a step further – today, with the help of technology content marketing can help marketers identify and approach customers who are looking out for a specific product that a brand has in its inventory.

What is Content Marketing

Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

Over the year’s content marketing has become more and more prominent and as a consequence marketers have flooded every available platform with their messaging. Every customer out there is drowned in this mess of messages.

Marketing Platforms

This has created new platforms of messaging in the marketing field. Marketers have a number of platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Periscope etc. for communicating with their customers. These platforms are competing with each other to gain attention from users which are ostensibly considered to be a potential customer.

Role of Content Marketing Today

The increasing number of platforms is constantly putting out an overwhelming amount of marketing messages targeted to customers. This simply means is that a customer’s attention is getting divided amongst all of these clamor and they are unable to hear your message for his attention.

Content marketing is one branch of inbound marketing which ensures that a brand is heard through this noise. Besides that, through good quality content marketing a brand can connect and create a lasting relationship with a customer.

Therefore, content marketing plays a critical role in the growth of a brand.

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