Content Marketing

Content Marketing


Content Marketing is creating good quality write-ups, articles, blog posts, newsletters about your products, services or ideas and sharing them online with public at large on the internet who may become your prospective subscribers. Content creation of relevance and value has become one of the important strategies of marketing today.

Content marketing is going through tweaks and changes enforced regularly by search engines and is now evolving itself into a big branch of SEO marketing. This involves a focused approach in creating and publishing valuable and compelling content consistently to a clearly defined audience and driving them to profitable customer action.

Content marketing has become more important for all companies who have a share of marketing plan for capturing online market. This is in fact  an ongoing marketing process which is in effect non-interruption marketing. The results of this marketing strategy are not instantly tangible and may take time to pour in.

Content marketing is an art of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling. There is a belief that if we deliver ongoing valuable information to buyers continuously, they will reward you with business and loyalty which is true. Content marketing facilitates in bringing new customers and gives more business from the existing ones. For this a good strategic plan of content marketing is required. The changing behaviour of the consumer and the changes in the industry need to be  focussed upon while creating new and unique content.

Good quality content should form part of Social Media Marketing, SEO marketing, PPC marketing, Inbound marketing, PR etc. Numerous researches and studies have clearly shown that majority of business decisions are better influenced by information from a series of articles than through advertisement. Good content about your product or service can make your customer feel closer to your company and make favourable decisions to your business.

Content marketing has become all the more important as of late SEO has started to demand creativity in marketing. SEO is not just limited to website promotion but involves looking at the client’s business model, target market, revenue goals and sketching a specific strategy for it. Creativity comes in by looking for unique solutions to unique problems and content marketing plays an important role in this process.

Content marketing must be made an important component of your overall marketing strategy. . You can gauge the importance of these marketing strategies if you consider that their goal is to transform the marketing operations from a subservient function that describes the value of a product or a service into an engaging process with your market by creative content.

Many experts in this field believe that the most important thing in content marketing is to have a documented strategy. This is because marketers are in the process of churning out quality content immensely and if they are not monitored and regulated in a systematic way the results may vary. Creating unique and quality content has also become difficult to achieve. It is also important to check which content and which strategy is working and which is not working to have better results.

Publishing industry has never been so active and strong as at present because of technology factors and acute competition in the market. But, what is going through a slow death is ad-supported content and this gives an opportunity to companies to have a documented and effective process of marketing strategies put in place to reap the benefits.

A good content can make anyone stop, read, think and act differently. A good content marketer will use good quality content to continually engage with a customer from the time of his/her initial contact to the entire cycle of a customer relationship and make him / her a subscriber of his brand.


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