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Content Inventory and Content Audit

Content Inventory and Content Audit

Importance of Content in Marketing

Content is now a defining factor of every marketing strategy. Understandably so, because content is the medium through which a marketer attracts an audience to his brand.

Content is therefore a critical component of all marketing initiatives. There is no wonder for this situation because today we have an explosion of information on any topic over every medium and in which the internet leads the way.

Content therefore needs to be nurtured for effectiveness and results – just as you nurture plants and flowers of a garden. Unless you care for the content you create and publish – the results that you get from their use may turn out to be limited and inadequate compared to your efforts.

Website Content

Content of websites should be attractive and useful to appeal an audience. Only good quality content can keep an audience attached to the website of a brand.

Website content need to be unique and relevant for attracting a higher number of visitors. This aspect cannot be overstated – because a website is the equivalent of a physical storefront for a brand in the digital world.

Content Inventory and Content Audit

To determine whether the content of a website is attractive and relevant for its visitors it needs to be examined closely. Now, to study the content of your website you need to have it in front of you. Naturally you need to have content of your whole website to get a complete picture.

And then you need to become familiar with your content and judge whether it is effective, or understand how it relates to other content, make decisions about how to use or format it, identify opportunities for improving it, and so on.

This analysis of content is done through a content inventory and audit process. This is an exercise to check a range of aspects concerning your website content. This process includes checking the quality, compatibility, trends and efficiency of each and every content of your website.

Migration of a Website

Content Inventory and Content Audit are mostly done at the time of migration of a website content to a newly designed website. These processes checks the relevancy of a content set and determines whether a particular content need to be updated or removed at the time of its migration to new website.

The Content Inventory and Content Audit process also gives an idea on the kind and quantum of fresh content that is required to be created for the new website. They also help to check whether content of a website are carrying out the functions it was created for.

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