Branding by Blogging

Branding by Blogging


Branding is a requirement for any business now, be it local, national or international. With the onset of online marketing the expenses involved in branding products have reduced. In good old days populist and expensive mediums like TV, Newspapers had to be relied to promote brands. Today the internet has opened up the whole world as market to brand any product. Blogging is one effective tool which can augment the branding process of a product easily.

There used to be an old marketing mantra which says that “Nothing happens until somebody sells something”. Now the new philosophy of marketing is “Nothing happens until somebody brands something.”

The competition to get attention on the internet is getting tougher  with over a billion websites floating around. Brand building of a product has thus become more difficult. Getting attention of customers with so much competition around has made branding efforts harder.

Branding essentially involves marketing value of your product, expertise, insights and ideas. What better way to do this than through a blog which is typically made for this purpose. Interestingly, blogging can build a brand even before you launch a product or a service.

A blog can build your brand as it assists you to tell the story of your brand over and over again to your audience, thus making customers more and more familiar with your brand. It allows you to personalize your brand and give it a human touch.

Blogging also allows you to converse with your customers thus giving a meaning to the relationship you have with them. Immense brand value can be accumulated through these conversations, giving you an opportunity to provide better service for your product and assistance to the problems of your customers. More importantly, your customers get to know you better through these interactions which can easily build value to your brand. These interactions not only increase the knowledge about  each other but also build trust which is the most essential part of brand building.

Blogging can  get your readers to talk about your brand. A strategic blog can increase this possibility extremely. There is no better marketing in the world than through word of mouth  and a honest and apt blog can make readers spread all over, positive information about your products or service.

Blogs  also has the ability to reach your target audience. You can build deeper relations with them and find out how people think about you and your products. You can effectively use this information to better your products or use them in your marketing approach for better results.

Lastly but most importantly, successful blogging involves an honest and transparent approach to it. You need to gain full trust of your readers. You need not have a journalism degree for writing blogs but it requires a deep rooted yearning to help your readers in whatever way you can.

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