Better Digital Marketing through united efforts of SEO and PR

Better Digital Marketing through united efforts of SEO and PR

Digital Marketing is experiencing a subtle change in strategizing which was unimaginable a couple of years back i.e. a gradual merging of SEO strategies with PR tactics. This process is going to get accelerated further on account of the latest Newswave update of google. SEO companies are going to sit at their drawing boards to make fresh marketing strategies based on the ongoing updates in algos of Google.

SEO and PR Teams in the past 

In the past, the work of SEO teams and PR teams were cut out separately. They had different goal sets and strategies. Their methods of functioning and capabilities of their teams were diverse. Often it happened that their differing approach and strategies created resistances between each departments. But now a new trend is being set and digital marketing is witnessing a change in many firms with both SEO and PR strategizing their tactics together for better results.

Causes of Change in Strategy

The increase in importance of PR tactics in SEO has happened mainly because of the changes made by Google in their algos in the last couple of years. It is a fact that Google has altered its algorithms more than 40 times officially during this period. Unofficial alterations maybe a lot more than this figure.

Google is always on the mode of perfecting it’s SERP efficiency. Good old tricks by SEO’s like stuffing keywords in press releases and spammy guest post blogs are instantly punished by Google. Google has made it difficult for SEO companies to use tricks to improve rankings and making it necessary to adopt proper marketing methods to gain in rankings.

The PR machine of a company started to gain ground over SEO system of a company once Google started promoting good and credible content. Since quality content has become the new face of SEO, PR started to make its impact in digital marketing. In fact, PR has now formed as one of the strong pillars of SEO marketing strategies.

Interrelation between PR & SEO

What is that the SEOs are doing? SEOs try to make mentions of their products or services in high quality and high reputation authority sites – which is in fact what a competent public relation is aimed to do and have been doing for decades. In short this means PR is paving the way for SEO now.

Conversely, when you get the backing of a high quality and high reputation authority site through PR – any SEO would like to spread it as much as possible to get more and more value out of it. Here SEO works for the PR in creating a wider viewer base and thus SEO is paving the way for PR.

Even if you look at it from the goals of both PR and SEO, they are similar in nature. The aim of the PR is to generate awareness and trust for a product or service brand by getting more and more people talk about the brand. And the goal of an SEO is to generate awareness and trust for a product or service brand by getting  search engines to display the brand in their search rankings. Even if the goals are similar, at earlier times their paths were different. Today things have changed in many ways and the strategies for both PR and SEO have merged and become similar, thus making it more effective and economical for companies.


Many companies have still not realized this factor and a majority of them are ignorant, thus spending more money in their marketing efforts and this needs to change for saving both money and effort. Many a time clashes of ideological differences between the PR and SEO teams have been a cause for them not to team up together.

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