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Benefits of Content Analysis

Benefits of Content Analysis

Content is today a critical factor in every marketing initiative and therefore content analysis is an important segment of content marketing.

So, I presume there won’t be any second opinion on the view that content needs to be minutely taken care of while using it for marketing ventures.

But, if you want to do so, you need to scrutinize it more closely. Any such close examination or study will require a bird’s eye view of all important data about your content used for marketing.

Content analysis is an exercise made for this purpose. By way of content analysis you become familiar with your content published through various marketing channels. This study will provide you indication whether your content is effective, and understand how it relates to other content, and make decisions about how to use or format it, and identify opportunities for improving it, and so on.

Content analysis is also a necessity for projects like migration of a web site to a new platform. It plays an important role in projects where creation of a fresh design is merged from multiple web sites. Content analysis comes in handy even for assessing existing web content for reuse in a new channel.

These are only few benefits of carrying out a content analysis. The point is, content analysis is today an important exercise in the field of content marketing, especially in the competitive marketing domain.

Content analysis becomes even more important when you realize that content is now a central part of all marketing projects.

Through content analysis you are conducting a research of your content. This research provides knowledge, new insights, a representation of facts and a practical guide to future action for content creation and management processes.

A content analysis is an answer to all your content needs so that you can reap benefits from it.

Summarizing this post, let me list out a few benefits of content analysis:

  • Content analysis provides a clear, tangible description of your content thereby making your clients and stakeholders have an exact idea of existing content.
  • Content analysis provides foundation for comparing existing content with user needs and your competitor’s content. This information will help you in identifying potential gaps and opportunities with your content.
  • Content analysis helps to make decisions about your content for e.g. what to prioritize, what to discard, what to create etc.

Let me end this lecture with a quote from Mr. Harold D. Lasswell, Lerner, and de Sola Pool who are considered as father founders of this technique and have put the context of a content analysis in its true perspective by saying:

“There is clearly no reason for content analysis unless the question one wants answered is quantitative.”

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