Awareness stage of a Customer Buying Cycle

Awareness stage of a Customer Buying Cycle

The awareness stage of a customer cycle starts the moment a buyer realizes the existence of a potential problem or opportunity for himself.

This realization leads the customer on to next stage – which is to do a thorough research on the topic. But, here in this article we shall be discussing only about the awareness stage of a customer life cycle.

The “awareness” stage of a customer is also called the “discovery” stage of a customer life cycle. This is the stage at which the life cycle of a customer starts ticking towards identifying a product for purchase.
In fact, it is difficult for marketers to know the exact moment when a customer experiences this initial quest. Nonetheless, it is important and critical for marketers to try and track these touch points as accurately as possible. This knowledge can help marketers figure out the efforts they need for effective and targeted marketing and spread out the awareness of a brand to a wider audience.

Now, there are many ways to figure this out. One way to reach out to your customers at this stage is to identify the most commonly used search terms that are bringing visitors to your website. Marketers also commonly use visitor’s data which include new visitors and those of them who make a return visit to the website.

There are many more ways to gauge customers in the awareness stage of a buying cycle – like keeping a pulse on social analytics of your traffic and studying those visitors who are new followers. Marketers can also look at reviews made by visitors on their website to study customer needs and reactions and also collect information on who are in lookout of your products.

Marketers can also conduct a survey for both current and existing customers and ask them how they have come to know about your brand – and improve upon those successful methods of marketing which had given them best results.

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